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We offer group and private agility lessons for everyone - from playing for fun to the top levels of competition (also fun!!).  We have three great instructors, who love dogs and agility. 

Martine Kopka, CPDT-KA is the Training Coordinator at J-Canine and enjoys helping people better understand their pets by teaching modern, positive-based reinforcement training techniques.  Her lifelong interest in animal behavior & training became a passion when she adopted Henry, a deaf and vision-impaired Catahoula Leopard Dog in 2004 and began teaching him sign language. Her own pets became the driving force for her to join J-Canine’s program in 2007 where she currently teaches "FUNdaMENTALS", a foundation learning program and "Raising Canine", both focusing on manners training and basic skills needed in today's world  Martine also teaches foundation classes for Performance dogs, as well as all levels of Dog Agility training, from beginner to International skills.

 Martine fell in love with the sport of Dog Agility with her rescue Doberman, Ace and has never looked back.  She now competes in USDAA, UKI and AKC with her Border Collies: 

ADCH Bronze "Gilley" LAA Silver, SACH-Bronze, GCH, RCH, JM, TM-Platinum, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB, NF, CGC, 2015 SC Regional Silver Steeplechase Finals Medalist, multiple-time Steeplechase, PSJ, Grand Prix, PGP Semi-Finalist, 2017 Cynosport PGP Finalist - 6th place.

ADCH Bronze "Legion" LAA Bronze, TM-Gold, GCH, SCH, RCH, JM, SM, 2019 Cynosport World Games 20" Silver Steeplechase Medalist, 4th place Finalist in Grand Prix, 2019 SC Regional Steeplechase and Grand Prix 20" Champion and Team Silver Medalist, 2019 UKI US Open Speedstakes Finalist, 3rd place in Challengers, 2018 SC Regional Team Bronze Medalist, 2018 Rocky Mountain Regional GP Silver Medalist, 4th place Finalist in Grand Prix at 2018 Cynosport World Games, Top 20" Team Dog with placements in each class, 11th place Team finish.

Martine also competes with the best, little Australian Cattle Dog ever, PDCH "Skoal" LAA Bronze, PTM-Platinum, PSCH-Bronze, PJCH-Bronze, PRCH, MX, MXJ, MXP2, MJP2, MJPB, OF owned by Joni Huff.  Skoal is also a 2017 Cynosport PSJ Finalist-Bronze Medal, Multiple Regionals Medalist, and multiple Cynosport Semi-Finalist in PSJ and PGP and the 2018 AKC NAC Reserve P12" Champion, 2019 AKC NAC Finalist - 3rd place, 2019 AKC Premier Cup Reserve Champion - 16" division. Skoal is also a National Champion, winning the PVP Tournament Championship at the 2019 Cynosport World Games along with teammates Catherine Laria and "Blizzard".

When she is not being a dog geek studying and participating in online classes and seminars, she also enjoys sheepherding, travelling, photography and going to the beach!  Martine is also co-founder and President of Southwest Houston Agility Group, a NADAC & UKI club to help encourage new competitors to join in the sport. She maintains her CPDT-KA through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers in (since 2011) and is an active Full Member of the APDT.  She frequently attends workshops and lectures on animal behavior and dog agility and has attended the 2009 Educational Conference for Pet Dog Trainers, as well as participated in online classes and workshops/lectures by renowned behaviorists and trainers such as, Terry Ryan, Pat Miller, Sue Sternberg, Susan Friedman, Ian Dunbar, Jean Donaldson, Susan Garrett, Linda Mecklenburg, Rosanne DeMascio, Daisy Peel, Sylvia Trkman, Karen Holik, Kayl McCann, Dudley Shumate, Nina Gregl, Anne Lenz, One Mind Dogs coaches Timo Liuhto, Tuulia Liuhto, Kelly Chaffin, and many others. Also a mentor for students of the Animal Behavior College, she enjoys helping future dog trainers better understand our canine companions by promoting choice-based training. “My goal is to help people learn how to train their pets through choice, instead of force or intimidation.  Our dogs deserve our time, our effort, our appreciation, and our patience as they learn. It is up to us to bridge the gap and search for ways to help them understand their world and how to cope, behave and enjoy their life with us."


Renee King has been training in the sport of dog agility since 1998. She competes in both USDAA, UKI and AKC. Her current teammates are border collies:


ADCH-LAA Bronze, IAC Swig AX AXJ NF SAM-Bronze, RM-Bronze, JM-Bronze, TM-Silver


ADCH-LAA Gold MACH2 Cisco HSAs HSBs MXG MJG MXF, PJM, SC-Platinum, RM-Platinum, TM-Platinum, GM-Platinum, PTM-Silver


Beloved teammates from the past:

•            ADCH-LAA Gold Hamlet PTM-Bronze JCH-Platinum RCH-Platinum SCH-Platinum TM-Platinum MX MXB MXJ MJS XF NAC NJC NGC FDX CGC and ADCH Racket OA AXJ OF (Jack Russell Terriers)


Together, Renee and her wonderful dogs have achieved high honors on the National and International level.  Most recently, in 2019, Swig was a Silver Medalist at the USDAA Central Regional and was the Reserve Overall Cup winner at the Southeast UKI Cup.  He placed 8th in the 2018 UKI US Open National Championship Finals.  In May 2014, Cisco was the Regional Champion at the Rocky Mountain Regional. In 2013, he was a 6 time USDAA Regional Champion in 3 different states.  Hamlet was a force in the 16” class during his career, including winning the 2004 ESPN Great Outdoor Games Gold Medal, the 2001 National Steeplechase Championship, Gold and Silver Overall World Champion Medals in Spain and The Netherlands, and numerous placements at the National and International levels.  Renee is also excited to be named the Assistant Coach for Team USA for the World Agility Open Championships 2020 in Ermelo, Netherlands.  Renee specializes in communication between dog and handler to produce teamwork on course, dog training and motivation using reinforcement based positive methods, working with very fast dogs, jumping exercises to help tighten lines, contact performance, and strategies that are tailored to the individual dog and handler team.  No two teams are exactly alike!  Recently Renee has developed an interest and enjoyment from coaching many of her students with competition, mental aspects of competition, and long term planning.  She enjoys teaching in an upbeat style that makes agility fun for the dog and the handler


Marie Dunn has been training with Martine since 2010 when she started learning agility with her Border Collie rescues, Spyy and Kiwi, and quickly became hooked on their infectious joy of the game.  She then tried some "little dog" handling with her mother's rascally, energetic Shih Tzu rescue named Missy, a.k.a. Grasshopper.  Missy was NADAC's #2 Shih Tzu in the world in Touch N Go in 2018 and also earned her OAC, TG-E, TN-O, HP-O, WV-N, BR-N titles.   


She now enjoys training and trialing with her amazing teammate Grits, a young Border Collie who is teaching her new skills and taking her new places.  Grits is Kiss My Grits, IND SSB, SAM, SM, MAD, RCH, GCH, JM, NA, NAJ, NF, OAC, NJC, WV-N, O-GR-N, TN-N.  Competing primarily in USDAA & UKI, Marie and Grits went to their first national competitions in 2021, Cynosport and the UKI US Open, and are excited to see what the future holds! They were 2021 SC Regionals Steeplechase Finalists, 2021 Cynosport Steeplechase Semifinalists, and placed 5th in Challengers at their first UKI Open. 


When she's not playing with her dogs, Marie also enjoys cooking, art quilting, participating in her family's Mardi Gras Krewe activities, and serving on the board of AramcoBrats, Inc. 


Marie loves solving training challenges and building new skills to improve her communication and teamwork and is excited to share with others.


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More Information & Frequently Asked Questions


Agility Classes:

Agility Prep:  This six-week primer helps prepare you and your pet for the fundamental dog & handler skills needed to be successful in agility. This class will demonstrate how to gain better focus from your pet, teach you how to play, motivate, and reward your dog appropriately so you can begin to form a team-based relationship, and begins such foundation skills as flatwork, side changes, SIT, DOWN, STAY with distractions, and will introduce the Tunnel, Table, downsides of the Contact Obstacles, and Bar Jumps. This class is required for future agility classes and costs $175. Dogs must be at least 6 months old to participate.  

Beginner Class:  Our six-week beginner agility class introduces dogs to the fundamental skills they will need to learn to play safely and successfully in agility.  Dogs are introduced to the full Dog Walk, Weave Poles, Spread & Panel Jumps, Collapsed Tunnel (Chute), and A-Frame.  Beginner agility also builds upon many obedience-for-agility concepts that will help your pet in the more advanced classes and at home.  This is a 6-Week on-leash class.  Our beginner class is $175, with classes starting soon!

Competition Class:  Dogs of all levels getting ready for, or competing in competition are encouraged to take part in this class where dogs and handlers gain experience with various handling strategies, improving their execution, strengthening criteria on each obstacle, and running sequences and short courses.  Tuition or each 6-week class is $140.  Dogs must have a recall or run on leash in this class.


If you're interested in drop-in classes, you may join us a class at a time for $25/class.  Please let us know in advance if you're planning on coming, so we can let you know if we have to cancel due to weather, and so we can verify your vaccination records and confirm having a spot in class to accommodate you and your pet in that particular class.


Private Lessons:  Private lessons are available for $50 per half-hour or $95 per hour and are available by appointment.  The half hour may be split between two dogs belonging to the same person, and the hour may be split between two people, each with up to two dogs.  Please call to schedule your lesson and discuss your goals for the session. 


Field Rental and Fun Runs:  We will also rent our field to experienced agility handlers.  Rental is $20 per hour for up to 5 people. Call or email us for a quote for rental for groups of more than 5 handlers.  You can call or email for availability and to reserve the field.  Also, as time and the agility trialing season allows, we will offer Fun Run's on select Friday or Saturday evenings.  Please check this page for dates and times, or email us to be added to our announcement list. 


Weather Policy:

JCPR hosts its agility program outdoors in its fully equipped, grass, lighted, fenced-in arena (no cover), and therefore, classes are subject to a weather policy.  If the weather conditions are such that the equipment or field is not useable, class will be cancelled and all students registered for that class will be notified via email unless you request another method of notification.  Students enrolled are encouraged to also leave a cell phone or another method of contact which they will check prior to coming to class so that we may relay class information in the event we need to notify you up to 2 hours prior to your scheduled class.  It is the student's responsibility to check their e-mail, phone messages, and to provide us with up-to-date contact information.  Drop-Ins or students invited to come to class on an alternate day/time are encouraged to call prior to 6:00 pm to check if class will be held.  If there is a 30% chance or greater of precipitation, temperatures in the low 30s, high winds are predicted or other factors that render unsafe conditions, JCPR reserves the right to cancel class to be continued at the next appointed time.  You will NOT be penalized for weather days - we simply hold class the next week in its designated time slot until we have hosted the number of classes for your session.  No refunds will be given with regard to the weather policy.  Likewise, a student's inability to show up to participate in hosted classes after the point of registration will not be given a refund.


Payment Policy:

Students are required to register for class and provide payment in advance.  Tuition will be charged upon enrollment in the class.  If we have fewer students than necessary to host the class, enrollees will be notified of the new start date.  JCPR will not issue refunds for students who are unable to attend classes or for dates that are affected by the weather conditions and pushed back into future calendar dates.  When you register for a class, it is similar to registering for college classes - you use them or lose them.  Your registration reserves the spot in that particular class AND reserves your instructor for that particular class.  Please notify J-Canine of your intent to discontinue classes BEFORE the new session has begun.  Missed dates shall not be applied to other classes or "traded" out for other services.



Required Vaccinations:

Puppies 12-16 weeks old are eligible for training with two Distemper/Parvo vaccines (at least one from a veterinarian) and a bordatella vaccine. 

All puppies over 16 weeks must have three Distemper/Parvo vaccines (at least two from a veterinarian), a bordatella vaccine, and a Rabies vaccine. 

Adult dogs need their Distemper/Parvo vaccine, bordatella vaccine, and Rabies vaccine. 

We defer to your vet's judgment on most vaccine durations.


Recommended Vaccinations:

Canine Influenza H3N8 & H3N2 (two boosters)*


All new-to-you dogs must have been in your home and healthy for 30 days prior to boarding.  This includes found strays, foster dogs, puppies from breeders or friends, and recent adoptees from shelters, private rescues, and individuals.  In addition, all adult dogs with an unknown vaccine history may need proof of two Distemper/Parvo vaccines prior to boarding with us.  Dogs under a year of age must be able to supply proof of three Distemper/Parvo vaccines, with at least two given by a veterinarian.  Call us with any questions!


*Canine Influenza vaccine is not required for private lessons or classes, but is required for any in-house services, including but not limited to socialization, board & train camp, grooming, boarding, and daycare.


Our agility field is fully fenced and has lights for nighttime use.  All of our equipment meets AKC and/or USDAA regulations, and is adjustable for use in training new dogs.


We welcome all breeds and mixed breed dogs to come play!  Only fun and positive methods are used.


If you have any questions, please call 281-633-9464 or send an email to our class coordinator, Martine at


All new clients must fill out our online Canine Questionnaire.



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Looking for agility training in other parts of town? 

E-mail us  and we will be happy to refer you to a local instructor.


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