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We offer a variety of Obedience options that help your dog become the perfect companion. All of our classes are taught by only the most experienced instructors using fun and positive methods and positive reinforcement. 

Martine Kopka, our Training Coordinator, can be contacted for class schedules and any other information - meet her here!   Martine teaches group and private lessons (including phone consultations) in obedience and agility, hosts dogs in-house for Board & Train camps, and offers day training and socialization.  Learn more about these options below!  
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More Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Obedience Options:


"FUN"-da-MENTALs Group Class:  Canines 3 months and older (with appropriate vaccinations) are invited to participate in group class to begin learning the ABC's of behavior training and Socialization with a strong emphasis on impulse control.  The course introduces choice-based learning, and focuses on building a relationship with your dog so they will work for you.  This method will teach you how to selectively reward for behaviors you like, how to interrupt and replace behavior you do not like, and how to test value and grow foundation behaviors into dependable ones for life.  Essentially, this class teaches the "language" between you and your dog that will allow communication to take place for everything you would like to teach them.  It is also a great foundation for future performance dogs wanting to participate in Agility, Dock Diving, Obedience, Rally, and other canine performance sports! We will review many nuisance behaviors such as mouthing / biting / lunging / vocalization, etc. and teach you how to handle each of these situations.  Canines must be dog & people friendly and be controlled physically by their handler.  This is a big confidence-builder for young pups and shy dogs, alike.  Tuition for this 4-week class is $165.      


RAISING CANINE Group Class - Pre-Requisite required - private lessons or "FUN"-da-MENTALs group class:  Canines 4 months and older learn to build on foundation behaviors in this 4-week continuum of basic skills to include, FOCUSED SIT, MOVING SIT, FOCUSED DOWN, MOVING DOWN, SIT STAY, DOWN STAY, COME IMMEDIATELY WHEN CALLED ONCE, WALK ON A LOOSE LEASH WITHOUT PULLING, STAYING OFF (countertops, people, fences), LEAVE IT, and expected etiquette with dog & human greetings, and much more!  Tuition for this 4-week class is $165.    


Private Lessons: Private lessons are available for those who cannot attend group classes and will be "one-on-one" sessions geared towards troubleshooting issues and achieving desired behaviors.  Your initial private lesson/consultation is $185 and lasts an average of 90 minutes.  Further private behavior (obedience) lessons are  $115 per hour.   


Board & Train Camp:    Not enough hours in the day?  Let us work with your pet on the basics during a 2-4 week stay and let us show you what your dog is capable of with foundation skills!  Board & Train guests will learn the same skills as the Basic Obedience Group Class and be conditioned to perform commands with distractions.  All B&T clients receive + a FREE 1-hour private lesson upon pick-up, a FREE spa day for your pooch prior to going home, and a FREE follow-up lesson!  2-Week Camp is $1,395 and 4-Week camp is $2,380.  All Board & Train guests are subject to an evaluation by our trainers prior to acceptance into the program.  Dogs must be at least 5 months of age and exhibit no aggressive tendencies towards humans.  Dogs over 1 year of age must be spayed/neutered.  Some dogs entered into the 2-Week camp may need additional time to progress more completely in their understanding of trained commands.  

Refresher Training: Refresher training is available to dogs that have gone through a program with us and ideal if you should need your pet to board with us.  Ask for more information when you book your reservation!  


How do I sign up? Give us a call or email our Training Coordinator, Martine (martine@j-canine.com) if you have any questions or would like to sign up for obedience training!  We can also add you to our class announcement list.    Please fill out our Canine Questionnaire also - it is required for any training or daycare clients.




Payment Policy:

Students are required to register for class and provide payment in advance.  Tuition will be charged upon enrollment in the class.  If we have fewer students than necessary to host the class, enrollees will be notified of the new start date.  JCPR will not issue refunds for students who are unable to attend classes or for dates that are affected by the weather conditions and pushed back into future calendar dates.  When you register for a class, it is similar to registering for college classes - you use them or lose them.  Missed dates shall not be applied to other classes or "traded" out for other services.


Required Vaccinations:

Puppies 12-16 weeks old are eligible for training with two Distemper/Parvo vaccines (at least one from a veterinarian) and a bordatella vaccine. 

All puppies over 16 weeks must have three Distemper/Parvo vaccines (at least two from a veterinarian), a bordatella vaccine, and a Rabies vaccine. 

Adult dogs need their Distemper/Parvo vaccine, bordatella vaccine, and Rabies vaccine. 

We defer to your vet's judgment on most vaccine durations.


Recommended Vaccinations:

Canine Influenza H3N8 & H3N2 (two boosters)*


All new-to-you dogs must have been in your home and healthy for 30 days prior to boarding.  This includes found strays, foster dogs, puppies from breeders or friends, and recent adoptees from shelters, private rescues, and individuals.  In addition, all adult dogs with an unknown vaccine history may need proof of two Distemper/Parvo vaccines prior to boarding with us.  Dogs under a year of age must be able to supply proof of three Distemper/Parvo vaccines, with at least two given by a veterinarian.  Call us with any questions!


*Canine Influenza vaccine is not required for private lessons or classes, but is required for any in-house services, including but not limited to socialization, board & train camp, grooming, boarding, and daycare.


We welcome all breeds and mixed breed dogs to come play!  Only fun and positive methods are used.


If you have any questions, please call 281-633-9464 or send an email to Martine at martine@j-canine.com.


All new clients must fill out our online Canine Questionnaire.




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Looking for obedience training in other parts of town? 

E-mail us  and we will be happy to refer you to a local instructor.


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