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During hurricane season, we need to take extra precautions to ensure the safety of each pet in our care.  We were very lucky in 2008, when we hunkered down and rode out Hurricane Ike in the facility with everyone's pets.  We were only without power for a few hours, and sustained no damage.  However, things could have been very different had the storm come in on a slightly different path.  Many of our friends and clients were without electricity for days or weeks and had major damage to structures and fences.  We could not have taken proper care of the animals had this happened to us, nor could we have evacuated with a house full of pets.  So, for 2009 and forward, we've adopted the following Hurricane Policy, and ask that all current and future clients be familiar with it and help us to install and enforce it.

- During hurricane season, we will require you to provide us with an emergency contact who can come pick your pet up within 2 hours of contact.  Please make sure this is someone who is reachable 24 hours a day and who is aware that you have left their name and number with us.

- If a category 3, 4, or 5 hurricane is predicted to make landfall in the Houston, Galveston, or Freeport area, J-Canine Pet Resort WILL evacuate all employees and pets at least one day prior to estimated landfall.  This means that all pets must be picked up by their owners or emergency contacts at least one day prior to estimated landfall.  ANY PETS NOT PICKED UP BY THEIR OWNERS OR EMERGENCY CONTACTS WILL BE CHARGED $500 PLUS BOARDING RATES AT J-CANINE AND BOARDING RATES AT THE EVACUTATION FACILITY


- For category 1 or 2 hurricanes, we will make a decision based on the recommendations of local authorities and contact all owners and emergency contacts.  We will also try to post updates to our Facebook page and keep them as current as possible. 

- Please remember that all decisions we make are final and are made for the safety of your pets and our employees.  J-Canine Pet Resort is not built as a bunker and is not designed to sustain hurricane force winds.  If we lose power, air-conditioning, parts of the building, or our fences, we can no longer provide the care for your pet that you have trusted us to provide. 





1525 Anton Stade Road

Rosenberg, TX 77471


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