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We offer grooming services by appointment for all breeds of dogs.  Our experienced, professional groomer will use the highest  quality products and equipment to ensure your pets look and feel great. 


We use the most advanced "hydrosurge" equipment - a therapeutic, massaging system that pampers while bathing your pet. 


We're open for grooming most days and we're always happy to bathe or groom your dog before going home after boarding as well as stand-alone groom appointments. 




Special Packages - Every time we groom or bathe your dog, you get to pick a "package" - kind of like a car wash.


Basic - includes the bath or groom of  your choice, a nail trim & grind, clean ears and express anal glands, and a bow or bandana.


Deluxe (add $8) - includes everything in the Basic, plus we will brush their teeth and use a premium shampoo, conditioner and cologne.


SPA (add $15) - includes everything in the Basic, plus we will brush their teeth and use a SPA Aromatherapy Shampoo, Conditioner, and Cologne.  They also get a SPA Facial & Paw Treatment.


Itch Relief (add $15) - includes everything in the Basic, plus we brush their teeth  and use a medicated soothing shampoo and a re-moisturizing conditioner. 



Customer testimonial:  "My Maltese babies Bianco and his older brother Mannie were groomed today by J-Canine pet resort.  They were running a Thanksgiving special package in which they would be bathed in special shampoo, be sprayed with puppy cologne, and get a festive bow and/or bandana in their hair.  When I picked him and Mannie up I was so happy.  They  look, feel, and smell amazing.  Both of their coats were super soft and they smelled wonderful.  They even brushed their teeth!  I am so pleased with the job that was done.  I am ready for the holidays and now so are my boys."  Stacy Iardella, November 2009




Customer testimonial:  I'm an 18 month old miniature poodle (dachshund on stilts) with a gentle skinned daddy.  My dadddy used to buy band-aids by the case before I had my nail caps put on.  Now I scamper down the hall and sit with daddy without hurting him.  Mandy, the lucky poodle who "owns" Max Wade





We also offer the renowned Shed-Less treatment.  The FURminator shed-less Treatment quickly and easily removes undercoat and loose hair on long and short-haired cats and dogs, reducing shedding up to 90%.  Used and recommended by Veterinarians and pet professionals worldwide. 




Grooming rates vary based on breed, coat condition, and requested style.  Please call or email us for a quote.



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